The personality is just a bunch of different energies that a person has picked up on from another (and saw it in action – what it can do – the light and the shadow aspects of it )

They say experiences mold a persons personality – in those experiences the individual does the above and then absorbs and utilizes the energy – they integrate it into their experience, which is just another word for life. 

Thinking of your personality in this way frees a person from any limiting mindsets or beliefs they have about themselves. And who wouldnt want the freedom to express themselves in an expansive, limitless way??

Your soul, your personality, your experience, your intellect, your heart – every inch and cell of your entire being would galactically, expansively, hugely benefit from this. We humans werent meant to be limited by our own and others ideas thoughts beliefs etc. there is no one way to be. There is no “right” way to be. “Right” is subjective and put there by a “society” that, at the time, was just trying to put guidelines in place to teach the chaotic world how to respect one another. To bring peace where there was once chaos. Of course, we being human and therefore subject to error, went ahead and over thought it, focused on the actual, literal guidelines and forgot the idea and intent behind them. We turned an idea that was pure and meant to help, into something twisted and meant to help only ourselves. For control, greed, etc., you fill in the blank however you need to for it to make sense.

When in fact, There is only your way. Freeing yourself of others expectations and your own, allowing yourself and giving yourself permission to be free is beautiful. We dont need to just survive anymore. The energies of personalities were put here so that we would have more resources at our disposal to survive in this life but now that our world is no longer the same place it was these last couple hundred years, we dont need to survive any longer. We can learn how to truly Live. what a beautiful, utopian world it would be to have freedom in its purest form. The freedom of self. Knowing the difference, not between right and wrong but the difference between the intent of helping or hurting yourself and others. The freedom to not worry whether you will be judged by others preconceived notions or your own. 

I would normally advise that you think on this but i now advise something different.

Feel into this idea. Let it permeate all of you, especially your heart.

How does it feel?

How do you feel?