The tarot card with the Woman and the lion + for me + isnt taming the beast within + it used to mean using feminine wiles to keep the egomaniacal turd u were married to or sold off to, happy or at least pacified enough so that he didn’t throw u out into the street and force poverty humiliation and death on you + my family on both sides all had males that treated them like shit and kept them used abused and hidden + this tarot card is a sign of hope to those women that now have the power to leave + in some countries, our sisters don’t have the help that we give each other here in the states + what can we do to help our sisters and brothers who are in situations that smother the embers of hope that are left to them by outdated belief systems and ignorant, vile, and cruel males and some females who are too narrow-minded and too hard hearted to take a close look at what they’re doing to those they love + what can we do to bring change to those parts of the world? How can we help? If you’ve got an idea please implement it + we need all of us on the same team if we’re going to thrive together in the Universe + it’s the only way we are going to make it + look at the world today + what are you willing to fight for? Who are you willing to fight for?